Why it’s so important to feel worthy of your successes – and celebrate them!

Posted on February 25, 2021 in categories: Success

What will you remember the Covid-19 pandemic for? Will it be fear and worry or opportunity and success? The global pandemic has had a wildly different impact on us all, depending on our location, family situation, job and mindset. But as we start to leave our third national lockdown, I’ve noticed a pattern when I talk to my clients at Tara Punter Coaching – they’re struggling to celebrate their successes. If they’ve hit targets or smashed goals then they’re feeling a strange emotion alongside happiness, gratitude and pride. They’re feeling guilty and that’s often coupled with worry that they aren’t worthy of their success. How crazy does that sound?! 

These people have worked their heart out during the most unpredictable time most of us can remember and their reaction to success is to feel guilty about it! Then they start to attribute it to other people or external factors… But dig a little under the surface and you can see why they’ve reacted that way. Our news and social media feeds are full of stories about people working tirelessly on the front lines against the virus, tales of inspirational community workers and tips to cope with the pressures of homeschooling, working from home and social isolation. It’s natural to feel empathy for those struggling and to offer support where you can. It would be downright inhuman not to! But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your hard-earned success. In fact, I think it’s actually more important now than it ever has been before. Here’s why I believe you should work on recognising you are worthy of success and celebrating it too!  

To develop a positive mindset

I work with my clients to help them develop a more positive and productive mindset, turning their limiting beliefs and thoughts into affirmations to move them towards their goals. If you’re new to mindset work, then you need to investigate it! It’s the best way to turn that voice which says, ‘I’m not good enough’ to ‘I’m getting better at this every day’ and then “I’m amazing at this!”. Celebrating success and using them in your affirmations is an incredible way to instill some positive thought patterns in your unconscious mind. 

To boost your confidence and self-esteem

We all have wobbles; we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. But it’s how we react to them which helps separate positive people from those who let negativity take hold. Recognising and embracing successes means you have that amazing memory to go back to. I love getting clients to do an epic list. That’s where they write out 10 things they are insanely proud of – and I encourage you to do the same! Think of things you have achieved in your career and life, hard times you’ve overcome, breakthroughs you’ve had or just things you’re proud of. Then, if you have a day when you can’t find that inner confidence, you can read your epic list. It will remind you of the many reasons why you are an amazing human. 

For your own learning and development 

They say it’s important to fail in life, as the knowledge and experience you gain from failure are invaluable. Whilst that’s totally true I say it’s equally important to recognise when you’ve succeeded, and for the very same reasons! Taking some of time to look at why something worked and what you learnt along the way is key. It means that you can replicate it again in the future. And who doesn’t fancy a little more success coming down the tracks?!

For your support network too! 

You know those people who you turn to for support when times are tough? Your partner, your team, your colleagues, your mentor or coach, or your parents? Well, if they’re there for the tough times then make sure you include them in the good times too! A positive, happy phone call, a special meal at home or even a glass of wine on a Zoom call are all ways to say ‘thank you’ to your support network for their part in your success! 

To get the happy hormones flowing!

It can be tempting to view hitting a goal as a box ticked, and then move on to the next task at hand. But surely the chance to celebrate a success in your business, career or personal life right now is the perfect tonic to the strange and unsettling times we’re experiencing? Even if you haven’t had homeschooling, work uncertainty or money worries to contend with, life has still been downright odd for the past year. Allowing yourself to celebrate and share successes is a great way to get happy hormones flowing. Put on your favourite music, enjoy your favourite food and drink and even dance around your house. Because why not? Anything which gets the dopamine and endorphins flowing has to help at the moment!

So there you go – make sure you work on worthiness and celebrate successes – we are at Tara Punter Coaching! For more top tips, mindset hacks and positivity make sure you follow me on Instagram. You can also subscribe to my podcast, Tara Talks, available on all podcast platforms.

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