How to improve your relationship with money

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Money is very much a Marmite subject. It’s something people feel very strongly about. Some love it. Some hate it. But the truth is, money is just a resource.

For YEARS I had the worst relationship with money. I was a horrendous money manager – and that’s being polite. It wasn’t managed. I didn’t pay it attention. There was no respect, just a need for more. I abused it and spent it as quickly as I could get my hands on it.

Rightly or wrongly, I just assumed that was how it was. Money came and money went. It was actually when lockdown number 1 hit here in the UK in March 2020 that I knew something needed to change. I lost clients every single day for a week and had to postpone my imminent retreat. What if everyone wanted a refund? I didn’t have the savings or buffer in the account to survive that.

I knew I had to take control of my money.

Twelve months on and I’ve never had a better relationship with money – it supports me, takes care of me and enables me to do such good in the world. There have been many things I’ve done over the past few years in terms of my mindset and the past year in terms of managing money that has got me to this point of feeling safe and secure and in total love with this relationship I now have.

I recognised the pattern and behaviour I had around money.

Recognition is key in any area you wish to improve. I also knew that something needed to change – I really didn’t want to keep living hand to mouth, running out of money every month and at one point, not even being able to afford to buy tampons.

I started incorporating money mindset work into my morning routine.

In the first hour of waking, your mind is like a sponge. Importantly, this is when it’s in the Theta state that it was in when you were less than 7 years old, the time at which all of your current beliefs were formed. It’s a highly changeable state and one you can use to your advantage. I knew that money was my biggest area of weakness so in October 2018 when I started doing my daily morning routine, I started to focus on money! If you don’t yet have a morning routine, check out this video on YouTube – how to start your day the right way in just 20 minutes.

I started paying money attention.

This is really quite important. So many people (myself included) would fail to celebrate and acknowledge the small payments coming in and would just be grateful for the big. Also, here’s the thing, all of the small money leads to the big money and smashing of big goals! Then, I started being MEGA grateful for every single penny or pound that came into my life. Whether I found 1p on the ground or had a sale of my morning routine notepad (which you can get here) I made sure to be mega grateful for it all. In the Law of Attraction, what you focus on expands, so by choosing to focus on every single thing coming INTO my life, I was able to get more of it!

I worked with a beliefs and money mindset coach.

Consistent mindset work and doing my morning routine each day got me so far but I knew there was more. I knew I needed to do deeper subconscious work to really re-wire my mind. Rather quickly, I was able to get such amazing results from it that I trained to be able to offer the same to my clients. It felt amazing to help them re-wire their subconscious mind, remove any limiting beliefs and build an unshakeable mindset.

I flood my mind with success.

Every day I include some non-negotiobles into my life. I start with my morning routine and then listen to a motivational YouTube video while getting ready. You can check out my playlist with some of my faves here.

I only look at social media accounts of those that truly inspire me and lunchtime reading. I have a huge long reading list but some of my faves are Amanda Frances: Rich As F**K, Denise Duffield-Thomas: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and Jen Sincero: You Are A Badass At Making Money. You can choose what you flood your mind with – aimless scrolling or personal development – it’s up to you!

I continued to believe I was meant for more EVERY DAY.

There will be times when you start to work on yourself that you feel it’s just not working. Like the effort you’re putting in is doing nothing. It. Takes. Time. Celebrate every small win because every small win leads to the bigger winds. Acknowledge your growth. Celebrate your growth and truly realise how far you’ve come up. Don’t just brush it onto the carpet – show gratitude for your growth and journey as you go – that’ll be sure to give you more!

In April 2017, I was totally broke. I had letters from the bank about going overdrawn, when I didn’t have an overdraft. I lost 2 clients on one day and had to ask my now husband to bail me out for our rent. That could have been the end of my company. But I made the decision, found a way to make the £100 to invest in my first ever coach and have never looked back, going on to create a 6 figure then multi 6-figure company, while living my dream and continually having money support me.

You can change your reality in an instant. Money can be your friend and support you. And you can choose to do good things with it when you get it. One of my big missions is supporting The Racehorse Sanctuary. I donate monthly to them as well as substantial one off donations throughout the year. I’m choosing what sort of wealthy woman I want to be and it feels damn good!

Lastly, make sure you check out episode 63 of my podcast, Tara Talks. I dive into the subject of how I love money a little deeper!

If you’re ready to REALLY improve your mindset, then I invite you to check out my epic, self study online mindset course, helping you have the mindset for success and one that helps you truly achieve what you desire (and more!) You can check it out here.

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