Who should you share your goals with?

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As a self-confessed goal-smashing queen, I have total faith in the power of goals to take your life or business to the next level. They give you purpose, quite simply driving you on every single day. Plus, they make even the most mundane tasks part of something bigger and that make them more exciting! But what happens when you encounter resistance from people around you, especially if they are the people who you love and respect most of all? 

The incredible group of women who took part in my free virtual G.O.A.L.S methodology retreat last month shared this very same block time and time again: how should they deal with negativity from people they share their goals with? It’s a sad fact that not everyone is going to understand or be supportive. You, the person who has set these amazing goals and are on a journey towards smashing them, understandably wants to share them with your nearest and dearest. The people you tell everything to and share your dreams and fears with. 

But here’s the thing. The people you feel you SHOULD share your goals with aren’t always the right fit. They might not be able to understand. Maybe they aren’t business owners, or they feel intimidated in any way by your goal, or they just don’t understand why you’re striving for such greatness. If so, then their reaction can be a little upsetting. It can even sometimes put you off your goal and crush your ambition.

So that raises a very important question – who should you share your goals with? I would advise you to consider the following questions before choosing 3 to 5 people who fit the bill! 

Do they understand your bigger mission and vision?

If you have a mission to help 1,000,000 people with something (as I do) then that’s going to require big goals and wild quantum leaps to get there. If somebody doesn’t understand the root desire behind that, they might question it.

Are they a business owner?

The goals of business owners are often very different from the goals of employed people. For an employed person, it might be a raise, a promotion, or a new job. For the business owner I can tell you, the sky really is the limit. And, they’re more likely to be interwoven with personal aims and the things which define you.  

Are they from a different generation?

I have a lovely client whose parents are in their late 60’s. My client told them that she wanted to make £10,000 a month and their response was, “why can’t she be happy with what she has?” If you think about the era that those parents grew up in, there was nowhere near the abundance that we have today. Opportunities weren’t as limitless. It wasn’t as easy to make lots of money and to just set up a business. But their beliefs aren’t yours and you mustn’t let them influence your goal setting! Their beliefs aren’t yours.

Are they worried about being overshadowed or overlooked?

This is such a tricky one to deal with. We should never, ever feel the need to dim our light to make others shine brighter. So, if you know someone will feel threatened and negative about your goals, it’s better not to share the details with them at all.

So, now that you’ve run through those questions, who do you know who is ‘safe’ to share your goals with? Could they be your coach or mentor, biz bestie, mastermind sisters, your best friend or your partner? There’s no one size fits all approach here. The people you share your goals with are as personal as your goals are in the first place. Just make sure that you share them with people as committed to you succeeding as you are!

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