The 3 biggest things we miss when we’re setting goals

Posted on June 28, 2021 in categories: Mindset, Success
setting goals

Those of you who have read a few of my social posts, listened to my podcast or had a little look around this blog will know… I’m all about goals. Goals are SO important for that long-term visualisation and short-term motivation. They help you understand and measure success. And they’re even the name of my signature methodology!  

But I know that for some people, setting goals is a little bit harder than it sounds. On the face of it, figuring out what you want most in life should be easy, right? Maybe it sounds like a fun exercise and one you should be able to do with your eyes closed! But really? Goal setting is challenging and it’s rare for someone to nail it first time. I see people set goals based on what they’ve seen others talk about. Others fail to connect with their goals at all.

Here are the three biggest things that I see people miss when they set their goals. 

1. Self-belief

Do you actually, truly believe with every cell of your being that you can hit this goal? Self-belief is CRUCIAL. How can you set a goal which will truly inspire you if you don’t first believe in yourself? Self-belief was one of the biggest things that helped us hit 6 figures in one month back in May. You can check out the whole story in episode 75 of my podcast, Tara Talks. Click here to find out how to listen! 

2. Feeling the feelings 

This took me years to grasp this one, but it works on a subcellular level. Everything in the universe is energy and you can only have what you already are. Remember, energy isn’t created, just transferred. But it also can’t be destroyed (it’s the law of thermodynamics, by the way!), which is where the opportunity lies. Every thought you have is like a magnet, so you’re attracting your desires with every single thought you have.

So, I ask you right now – how would it feel to already have what you desire? To already have hit that goal. To already be making the money you desire. Connecting to that feeling and energy every single day will really help bring it to you. Make yourself the magnet for that energy and abundance.

3. What does it mean? 

This one requires a little more of that deep thinking and introspection! What do your goals mean for you? Your family? What about your team members? Your friends? What does each individual goal mean for the clients you’re working with and serving? 

Always align your income goal to what it means for your audience. How do your treasures help them live a better life? Live a happier life?

I really hope these steps help you set goals which transform your life. It’s such a fundamental part of creating your future, but one that people so often can’t quite perfect. I’m holding another of my value packed 7-day free virtual retreats where I take a much deeper dive into the G.O.A.L.S Methodology and so much more. Make sure you sign up now – and get ready to change your life:

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