8 Easy Ways To Up Your Organic Marketing Game

Posted on August 16, 2021 in categories: Marketing
up your organic marketing

Organic marketing is essentially any free marketing medium you use to attract clients. Things like blogging, social media and PR are all examples of organic marketing. When you’re first starting out, utilising organic marketing can be a great way to get your name out there as budget can be limited. 


You need to execute your organic marketing well in order for it to bring you some kind of return on investment. 

I’ve created my top 8 tips to implement when you’re relying on organic marketing. 

1. Know your ideal client

Many business owners sweep over this key piece of research when growing a business, and it’s simple to understand. Take some time to learn about your ideal client. What are their pain points? What problems do you solve with your offer? Learn about their lifestyles and their likes and dislikes, which brings me to my next point…

2. Know where your ideal client is

Where does your ideal client hang out? What social media do they use? Do they read the paper? Really get into the minds of your ideal client, and be sure to show up wherever they are. Remember to always do one channel well rather than ten half-arsed. 

3. Know your audience

Yes, your ideal client and your audience are two very different things! Your ideal client is someone who will buy your offer, but your audience is everyone who will see your message – be it social media, press release or blog. Your audience is likely to be bigger and more diverse and although they won’t necessarily be buying your services, they will be spreading the message about what you do. Your audience is a key part of your brand awareness, so you need to nurture them!

4. PR strategy

If you’re going down the PR route, be mindful not to show up in YOUR favourite magazine but your IDEAL CLIENT’S favourite magazine. You should be very up to date with who your ideal client is after reading point 1 of this blog 😉. 

5. The know, like and trust factor

This is the holy trinity for when it comes to selling your offer. Having people know you means getting your message out there. Have people like your content by bringing valuable and educational insight that helps solve their problems (and bring your personality in, too!). And finally, have people trust you by sharing your social proof!

6. Have a niche!

“The riches are in the niches!”. And you know what? It’s so true! Don’t worry about pigeonholing yourself or losing opportunities as niching down actually does the opposite! Remember: you don’t have to always appeal to one niche, and you can change up your niche as your business evolves.

7. Put the social in social media!

Yep, you need to be sociable on social media – who would’ve thought? 😂 Spend time engaging with your followers, reply to comments and DMs and reach out to new people in your niche or target audience. Make those connections! 

8.Give value

Good educational content that helps your ideal audience’s business woes and helps position you as an expert in your field. Make it relevant and authentic, and you’ll be signing clients in no time!

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