9 Ways To Optimise Your Productivity & End The Day On A High

Posted on November 1, 2021 in categories: Productivity

We all have the same 24hrs in a day, yet some people get SO much more done than others!

And it’s all done to how we use our time. 

Here are my fave 9 ways to get more time back so you can crush your productivity and goals!

1. It all starts with your first waking hour!

Opening your phone straight away and scrolling and/or checking your emails is a BIG NO, NO. If you do this you can kiss goodbye to 30% of your productivity over the course of a week. Just by changing one poor habit can give you SO much more productivity back.

2. Re-frame your to do list

Start the day with a positive mindset for your to do list. Don’t look at the list and think “Oh my god, I’ve got so much to be getting on with” instead think “I am so excited I get to do these tasks today!”

3. Set an intention

What do you actually want to achieve today? What steps are you taking to move closer to your goals or your vision? Make sure you do one thing a day that excites you and moves you closer to the dream.

4. Set a timer

Are you guilty of trying to just work work work work with no rest or time to breathe as you’ve got SO much to do? You’ll get much more done if you work in shorter stints so either set a timer for 25 minutes and then have a 5minute break or set it for 50minutes and then have a 10minute break.

5. No multitasking

This DOES mean not checking your phone while waiting for a web page to load! When you multitask you lose as much as 40% of your productivity! 

6. Rewards

Don’t just save rewards for big wins and steps forward, every small win leads to the big wins so celebrate your productivity! If you manage to get your ‘get to do’ list done, celebrate!

7. Focus on your goal and mission

When you lose sight of your bigger why, that’s when the scrolling and procrastinating will happen! 

8. Have a list

There’s very little more satisfying than ticking things off a list plus it will help you feel more accomplished. Accomplishment + satisfaction = more wins, more productivity and more joy!

9. Stay in a place of gratitude and joy

A positive brain is 31% more productive than a negative, neutral or stressed brain, so get into gratitude and stay there throughout the day!

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