Hi! I’m Tara!

And this is what I believe to be true –

“You can have anything you want in life, if you’re willing to work for it”

That’s what my mum told me, growing up, and it’s what I still live by today.

Why? Because only a few years ago I hated my job – and now…

I coach purpose-driven, passionate, brave service-based women who are ready to say YES to their success and create the life and business they desire and deserve.

So, how did we get here? I’m going to tell you the uncensored version.

After doing my degree and working a bunch of jobs that categorically did not light me up… I started operating under the ‘don’t ask, don’t get model’. In a chance meeting, I ended up pitching myself. At the end of it I walked away as a journalist, writing articles, covering events and interviewing professional horse riders. Wow, pretty great, right?

I began advertising my services on social media and helping my clients to find their clients on social media. Tara Punter PR was born. Pretty soon I had a full client book and I was coaching on social media without even looking up to realise how I’d got there. Everything felt like it was coming up rosettes (see what I did there…) until…

BANG! The inevitable happened. I burnt out. And I mean burnt out.

Not knowing where to turn, how I’d got here or even how I wanted to run a business, I hired a coach. That’s when the magic started happening. Before I knew it I’d got married, paid off my dream wedding, bought a fancy new car and travelled around the US for a month. This was the dream, surely?

On a retreat in Beverly Hills (which I totally thought was about to uplevel the strategy side of my business), I had a completely new revelation.

My mindset was the thing that was going to take me to the next level.

Yeah, I was kinda shell-shocked. But, remembering what my mum had always told me, I was willing to work at it. I trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™. I started working on myself and adding mindset work into my coaching services.

With my toolbelt stocked full of marketing and mindset, I scaled to 6 figures in just 10 months and multi-six figures beyond that. I doubled my turnover again and again. I built a team. I sold out my retreats twice in a matter of days. I was interviewed for a book. I started writing my own book.

It turns out, I had the magic formula. Marketing & Mindset.

That’s how I coach. That’s how I get the kind of results I just listed for my clients.

And when I’m not doing that, I’m enjoying all the simple pleasures that a multi-six-figure business brings.
Drinking great wine, hanging out with my darling Jack Russell and loyal sidekick (Kiwi), riding my horse and generally soaking up the great outdoors, at home or away.

My marketing background built my business… but mindset built my life. And that’s what I’m here to teach you.

If you’re ready for that kind of life story (minus the crappy jobs at the beginning), then let’s crack open a bottle and have a chat about creating the life and business YOU desire and deserve.

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