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For business women who are ready to create their dream life & biz….

Firstly, hi! I’m Tara and I’m delighted that you’re here!

  • Because I know you desire more; more freedom, more clients, more joy, more of it all…
  • I know you’re SO ready to unlock what’s been holding you back once and for all…
  • And I know what freedom in your life & business would mean for you….

You need mindset and marketing with a sprinkling of TP vibes, it’s the ultimate cocktail 🍹

Lovely, tell me… is this where you’re at right now?

  • Desperately trying to manifest more sales, but it’s just not happening
  • You’re constantly questioning yourself & your mindset about what’s possible for you
  • Feeling totally overwhelmed at the thought of launching anything…

It’s like I read your mind, right? That’s because… I’ve totally been there too.

In 2016, after a year of being freelance, my first company, Tara Punter PR was born. I got all my clients through social media and life was pretty good. But in 2017… I nearly lost it all. I was 100% dragged into the dark hole of shitty mindset and a chronic lack of clarity…
But then, I discovered my first coach and everything changed for me…

I went from stressed out, spinning my wheels in survival mode to uplevelling, discovering my true impact potential.
I took my business from burnt out to bossin’ it at 6-figures by marrying my marketing knowledge with a bulletproof mindset. And I want to help you do the same…

Success isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about becoming even more of your fabulous self, ensuring you have an unshakeable mindset, the support to help you get there & the unquestionable belief in yourself. It’s a magical combination & one that will get you so far… And I’d love to help you get there…

Coaching With Tara

It’s time to pop the champagne!

You’re about to become your most fabulous self!

3 months coaching with Tara – The Gin & Tonic Accelerator

Ready to take a fast-track your progress? This 3 month container is for you if you’re ready to have the most epically, abundant mindset, you’re ready to take control of your marketing and to start working towards some pretty awesome goals. This is perfect for you if you’re working towards a specific launch of a new service, you want to fast-track your results and are ready to truly put the work in to a short time frame together.

  • 30 minute chemistry call to make sure we’re an epic fit together
  • Deep dive discovery questionnaire
  • In person strategy day during or after the 3 months to bring it all together
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching Zoom sessions per month with Tara
  • Unlimited 1:1 message support (Monday – Friday, WhatsApp, Email or DM)
  • Completely bespoke support helping you in the areas that will make you shine!

Investment: £5,000
Payment Plan: £1,777 a month for 3 months

6 months coaching with Tara – The Magnum Mentorship

The steps to success start here. Through our 6 months together, you can benefit from launch roadmap hand-holding, implementing marketing strategies, having your biz bestie for a longer duration and ensuring you’re truly supported for half the year. Imagine the magic we can create together in that time frame… This is perfect for you if you want extended support, you have a number of areas on which to work, you want to have the accountability for longer and are really ready to learn and absorb as much as possible.

  • 30 minute chemistry call to ensure we’re a great fit!
  • Deep dive discovery questionnaire
  • Welcome gift
  • 2 x 45 minute coaching Zoom sessions per month with Tara
  • Unlimited 1:1 message support (Monday – Friday, Whatsapp, Email or DM)
  • Completely bespoke support, coaching and mentoring where we can cover areas such as your mindset, money mindset, business strategy, marketing strategy, content creation, launching and more!

Investment: £8,500
Payment Plan: £1,444 a month for 6 months

If you’d rather up-level your business & life in a group scenario, check out The Magnum Mastermind here.

If your gratitudes list needs a makeover and you’ve got that pink pen in hand to tick off those epic goals once and for all, then I’m all in.

It’s time to convert, launch, show up and cheers to the success (and income) you desire and deserve.

Retreats with Tara

Want to unwind, dive in and get a taste of the Tara Punter experience? Check out my next luxury Cotswolds retreat!
We’ll be waiting for you, building a mindset for success, unequivocal self-belief and a marketing plan that’ll take you there…

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